Google Plus Installs Photo Face Detection

By Kenna McHugh 

Google introduced its face detection application for Google Plus. With its new facial detection technology, users can promptly tag photos for each picture.

The face detection software in Google Plus photo uploader starts with a user creating an album. Then, the user can group the photos with each person’s face and tag them with their name or email address using the new software.

After the tagging is finished a notice will be sent to each person, who was tagged. At that point, they can make up their mind whether to approve the tags or not.

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt frowned on the idea of offering face detection while he ran the company. He claimed privacy concerns were the cause of him rejecting the feature all together.

Face detection is one of the many new features recently added to Google Plus. It looks as if the social networking site is going toe-to-toe with Facebook, and it will be interesting to see just how popular Google Plus becomes as the company continues to add more features.