Google Plus Adds Trending Topics and More [Video]

By Kenna McHugh 


Google Plus, the search giant’s social network, has added a new feature called Trending Topics within the social network’s search feature.

Mashable reported that the Trending Topics feature was quietly introduced to users Thursday night. Similar to Twitter’s Trending Topics, the Google Plus feature arranges its trends by lists — 10 of the latest and most popular discussed items on the platform. Users can simply click on a trending topic that launches a search query.

Google continues to introduce more and more upgrades to Google Plus search functions. The social networking site now allows users to search within their own posts, their circles or the entire social network. Google even changed the overall layout of the search page, including several user interface adjustments.

Google Plus also improved its Hashtag feature.

Twitter is well-known for capturing trends at any given moment and for using hashtags. Thus, it offers an analogy of what the world is talking about right now. With the new applications for Google Plus, Google will be able to access what is truly trending in real time as well, creating even more competition for Twitter.

The video below introduces us to the new Google Plus features. SVP Vic Gundotra, an engineer at Google, explains how they work.