Google Photos Receives Smarter Albums With Support for Maps, More

By Brandy Shaul Comment

Google Photos Smarter Albums

Google has introduced smarter photo albums in Google Photos on mobile and the Web.

With this update, after users take trips or attend events, Google Photos will suggest new albums, which curate the best photos and videos from each event.

These smarter photo albums will include maps and location pins, so users can recall how far they traveled on their trips, as well as the locations they visited.

Users can add text captions to their albums to create an overall ‘story’ for each event, and can collaborate with other users, allowing them to add their own photos to the albums.

In addition to suggesting new albums for future photos, users can customize their existing albums with maps, location pins and captions, and share these stories with their friends and family.

Google Photos’ smarter albums are now rolling out to users on iOSAndroid and the Web.