Google Maps to Make Triumphant Return to the iPhone

By Devon Glenn 

Apple fans who cursed in the street when Apple Maps gave them bad directions will be relieved to know that Google Maps will soon be back on the iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google plans to put a new version of the app on the iTunes store that will be even better than the last. From the article:

The forthcoming Google Maps app for the iPhone is expected to contain turn-by-turn navigation that would allow people to use it like a GPS device while driving, said the person familiar with the matter. The turn-by-turn navigation feature didn’t exist in the previous Apple-device version, partly because of various disagreements between the companies over other aspects of the Apple-controlled app.

Free from its former partnership with Apple, Google will also be able to put more advertising on the app to bring in revenue.

Apple had released its latest software for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 6, in mid-September. In the new version, Apple had replaced Google Maps with a competing application that was so inaccurate that Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a written apology to users.

In that letter, Cook’s instructions to users on how to add Google’s website icon to their home screens offered compelling evidence that Apple would be willing to let users stick with Google’s maps while the company fixed its own.

However, Apple did not confirm to WSJ that the new app had been approved.