Google+ Lets Administrators Interact With Users Who Haven’t Circled Their Pages

By Cameron Scott 

Google has enabled commercial pages to interact with individual posts on Google+, the company confirmed today.

The change was first flagged on the Google+ Updates community page.

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to make the social experience more organic. We think this provides a better sharing experience for pages and profiles alike,” a Google spokesperson said.

The company noted that if a user praises or complains about a business on their Google+ profile, the business owner could respond directly to the post using the feature.

“This is an exciting new feature for small to medium business owners like myself,” said Nikol Murphy, the user who first noticed the feature. Murphy runs a small social media marketing company.

“I am hopeful that page owners will handle this new feature with care and respect,” she added.

Google+ already has features in place to limit spam, the company indicated. It includes spam filters similar to those in Gmail and allows users to flag individual comments as spam.