Google Launches Unimpressive Application

By Nick O'Neill Comment

This morning a new Google News application was receiving a lot of hype. Most people were singing praises about the new application. I’m not quite sure why. If you want an example of an application that doesn’t provide users with any added value, the Google News application definitely meets the criteria. There is nothing unique about this application except for the fact that it is made by Google.

If you visit Google News, you can do all of the same things except for sharing the articles on Facebook. Looking to invite your friends to use this application? You can’t. Rather than receiving email alerts, your Facebook profile gets updated. Great! Now other users can view news that I had been searching for. This would be great if I visited my own profile on a regular basis, but alas, I do not.

So what benefit does the Google News application provide? It lets you share news articles more easily. Honestly, that’s really not that great of a feature. My guess is that the popularity of this application is going to fall drastically as soon as the buzz dies down. Google News is calling this an “experimental application.” I don’t think there was much effort put into this experiment. If you have any desire to let your friends view news alerts from the comfort of your own profile, go grab the Google News application.