Google Gains Ground, But Facebook Retains Lock on Social Signin

By Cameron Scott 

The share of users who leveraged their Google identity to log on to another website rose from 31 to 34 percent in the first quarter of 2013. The portion who leveraged their Facebook identity fell by the same margin, but still ended the quarter at a dominant 46 percent, according to a study by identity management service provider Janrain.

The study indicates that, while users have complained about Facebook’s privacy protections and its increasing advertisments, Facebook hasn’t alienated more than a tiny fraction of its users.

“Social login preferences are a leading indicator of consumer trust in the different online identity providers,” wrote Michael Olson, Janrain’s product marketing manager, on the company’s blog.

The social identity that users employ to log in varies by geography and by the type of content they are seeking to access.

“Google is performing well as the second most favored portable identity provider across each of these verticals, but its popularity is most evident on retail and consumer brand sites, which could perhaps be a reflection of the trust that people place in Google as a secure provider of their online identity,” Olson said.

Last week, Janrain rolled out Google+ social signin in the identity management services the company provides on roughly 400,000 websites, so Google’s share will likely get a further boost.

LinkedIn predictably dominates on sites that cater toward business professionals. On some business-to-business websites, it commands as much as 80 percent of the user signins.

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google, facebook, twitter, social signin, social login, janrain