Google+ Buys Fridge to Attract Groups

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Google+ made an interesting turn last night. The ever growing social media platform nabbed Fridge, a group social networking site.

Some could say it is an out of the ordinary move for Google+ or others could say it makes sense. I find it rather interesting considering Google+’s best feature is its Circles, which are managed by each user rather than as collaborative groups. So why did Google+ acquire Fridge?

Google+ wanted a further implementation of groups, and that has been part of the plan for some time. In product development Google+ has been calling it “shared circles.”

Fridge presented an uncomplicated group communication tool that included a service allowing users to create groups and invite friends for private sharing of conversations, photos, videos, and events. Last week, its members perked up when they were sent an email that the company was closing down. Users were given until July 19th to download and save their data. Since the announcement that Google+ acquired Fridge, the date has been extended to August 20th.

It appears that Fridge will meld with Google+, and two people from the four-member Fridge team will join the Google+ team, moving from New York to Mountain View, Calif where Google is based. All Facebook offers more details concerning the changeover.

Interestingly, another Google acquisition happened this week as well. Google nabbed Scoopler, known for being the maker of a notorious social media platform that is a celebrity stalking service called JustSpotted.