Google+ App for iPhone Available (screenshot tour). Will NOT Install on iPad!

By Todd Ogasawara Comment

Google+ main screen

Google announced the availability of the Google+ for iPhone app this mornning. Here’s a couple of pieces of pertinent information about the app followed by a screenshot tour.

Phone, meet Google+ (Google VP Vic Gundotra)

1. The app already has an update! Google+ Mobile Lead Program Manager Punit Soni announced (via Google+) that you should check to make sure the app on your iPhone is version An older “test version” was mistakenly released and available for the first 90 minutes the app was live in the App Store.

Google+ for iPhone update released

2. The app will NOT install on an iPad! Check out my final screenshot below showing an error message from iTunes.

3. You can record and post photos to Google+ using the app.

4. However, the Google+ for iPhone app does not support Instant Upload of photos like the Android version does. It does, however, placed posted photos in Picasaweb’s “Photos from posts” folder.

I’ll post more as I learn about the Google+ iPhone app. In the meantime, here’s a quick 10 screenshot tour.

Google+ stream

Google+ photo capture

Google+ Checkin

Google+ stream post

Google+ photos view

Google+ Huddle

Google+ Profile

Google+ Circles

Google+ will NOT install on an iPad!