Google Acquires Two More Startups: Katango and Apture

By Kenna McHugh 

Google has bought two additional startups to help the company upgrade some of its services.

The purchases were announced yesterday and are Katango, a service that helps users manage their online social networks, and Apture, a service that makes tools in order to conduct searches about the topics contained in a Web page.

Katango was developed a little over a year ago to help users organize their friendships and social interactions. On the company’s blog they said, “We’re excited to join the Google+ team… Google+ is seeing tremendous momentum, so it’s a perfect time to join and make Circles smarter for millions of people.”

“Are you ready for some magic in your Circles?” Bradley Horowitz, Google executive wrote about Katango on his Google+ account. “These folks are magicians!”

Apture already had been used as a plug-in with Google’s Web browser, Chrome. A browser using Apture’s technology highlights a term contained in a Web page, it brings up a new window with more information, pictures and video on the topic.

Apture is intended to assist both the reader and the publisher by keeping users from leaving the current website to find more information on other sites. The company has already signed partnership agreements with a number of major publishers involving the New York Times, Hearst and the Financial Times, according to TWCnet.

Google has been on an acquisition mission for nearly two years and has spent close to $3.3 billion buying more than 105 companies. The company plans to complete the biggest deal ever in the next few months — $12.5 billion acquisition of cell phone maker Motorola Mobility Inc.