Google Acquires Digital Coupon Provider Incentive Targeting

By Cameron Scott 

google, target marketing, acquisitionsGoogle has acquired Incentive Targeting, according to an announcement on the company’s website (not a press release on PRWeb).

Incentive Targeting is a platform that allows consumer products and grocery brands to set up their own coupon deals and deliver them to relevant consumers.

“When we founded Incentive Targeting in 2007, we set out to do for retail couponing what Google had done for online advertising: make it simple, relevant, measurable, and effective. So, it is both humbling and gratifying to be joining the ranks of the company that inspired our initial vision,” the Incentive Targeting team said in their announcement.

In a tweet, Google’s Mike Dudas said the acquired system makes for “highly targeted” offers. That’s generally good for business, but means that consumers are being narrowly profiled.

Incentive Targeting will expand those efforts at Google, the announcement said.

“As part of Google, we will have the resources and expertise to continue the transformation of couponing from a way to give discounts to a way to build business,” it said.