Goodreads Cracks Down on Dirty Book Clubs

By Devon Glenn 

In order to keep Goodreads safe for younger readers, the company has outlined new policies for adults who have been using the social reading site for reasons other than intellectual stimulation.

In an email to group moderators, the company said yesterday that “Sexual role play is now not permitted in any group or any other part of the site.”

More specifically, “Romance is permitted in role-play games, but pornographic content and explicitly sexual content or scenarios are not permitted. We’ve made the decision that this is not appropriate for our site.”

The Goodreads community includes kids ages 13 to 17 as well as adults 18 and over. Members of adults-only clubs must provide their birth date and must also remove from the group anyone who is under 18.

The rest of the community guidelines are similar to those that govern most social networks: comments involving “spam, porn, extremely offensive material (eg Pro-Nazi, etc.), or direct personal attacks on other members” are prohibited in group discussions.

Image by Everett Collection.