Good Samaritan Helps NYT’s Brian Stelter Dodge Potential Twitter Disaster

By David Cohen Comment

The New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter avoided a potential Twitter disaster Friday morning thanks to fellow Tweeter Salma Khan.

As chronicled on Stelter’s Twitter feed, the reporter forgot to sign out of Twitter when leaving an Apple store in New York. Khan discovered Stelter’s mistake and logged him off the iPad he had been using.

Khan Tweeted, “Hello?” from Stelter’s account and, after receiving no response, followed up with, “Aww @brianstetler [sic] you left your twitter on at the apple store on 5th ave, im going to log u out or at least try – @salma_khan.”

Minutes later, Stelter responded in a series of Tweets, “{Red-faced} I have changed the pwds of my Twitter accounts to ensure that they are secure. Very early this morning I logged in on an iPad at an Apple Store. I thought I signed out, but apparently I didn’t, because a stranger, @salma_khan, tweeted ‘Hello?’ Then logged me out. @salma_khan Thanks so much for logging me out & letting me know. This is what happens when you go to the Apple Store on 3 hours’ sleep.”

Other Twitter users chimed in, as well, with Cynthia Collins, or @NYCcyn, Tweeting, “the kindness of strangers: looks like@salma_khan may have just saved @brianstelter from a potential Weinergate,” and Joe Webster, or @JWeb, and Alea Fairchild, or @AFairch, aiming for a love connection, respectively Tweeting, “You need to send her flowers,” and “Brian, buy her a coffee!”

Stelter has a girlfriend, so the other Tweeters’ romantic visions will not come to life, but Khan will still be rewarded for her good deed, as Stelter promised her two tickets to the June 13 premiere of Page One, a movie about The New York Times, at Lincoln Center.