Facebook Loses Ads Product Director Gokul Rajaram To Square

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s ongoing revamp of its advertising will have to go on without its leader, as Ads Product Director Gokul Rajaram is leaving the social network to join Square, the electronic payments startup founded by Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, as product engineering lead.

Square said in a release that Rajaram will lead software development for point-of-sale system Square Register and other products.

Prior to Facebook, Rajaram was co-founder of Chai Labs, which was acquired by Facebook in August 2010, and product management director for Google AdSense.

AllThingsD reported that Facebook already has a successor to Rajaram in place: Mike Hudack, former CEO of Blip, who had been working under Rajaram, mostly on measurement.

Facebook has been taking steps to simplify its advertising process, announcing Wednesday that application developers can now bypass the process of registering their apps with Facebook before creating mobile app install ads, and updating the reports brands receive from its Ads Manager, following the social network’s announcement earlier this month that it would simplify its ad offerings.

A Facebook source told Business Insider that while the departure of Rajaram is a big loss, there is “no sense of negativity” about his move, adding:

Square dropped this great opportunity to run product for an entire company in his lap. He has also worked on ads for ages. I think he wanted to do something different.

Rajaram said in Square’s release:

I’ve been fortunate to work for two mission-driven, world-changing companies, and Square’s vision and passion for helping businesses grow is inspiring. I’m thrilled to join the team and help build amazing products that drive economic growth and empower local businesses around the world.

Readers: Do you think Facebook will be able to maintain its advertising momentum in the wake of Rajaram’s departure?