Going Viral: "My Year in Status" Stylishly Memorializes All Your 2010 Facebook Status Updates

By Lauren Dugan Comment

Have your Facebook statuses been particularly enlightening this year? Whether they’re dull or delightful, there’s an app that will make a pretty slick collage out of all of your 2010 Facebook statuses so you can see what your year’s been like.

“heading to Nuit Blanche tonight!”

“just made biscotti!! Yummy”

Those are two random status samples that I pulled from my 2010 Facebook “My Year in Status” collage. While they might not be quite on par with Shakespeare, they’re little reminders of the events (well, making biscotti might not be considered an “event” per se) in my life in the past year that I felt merited a Facebook update. Take a look at my 2010 Year in Status collage below:

This is a super fun app, as it gives you a snapshot of an entire year of your Facebook life. Are you a daily status updater? Your collage will likely be a lot denser than mine! Or maybe you only post inspiring quotes as your status. These collages can give you a quick glimpse into how you present yourself on Facebook. For instance, I learned that I add a lot of smiles to my statuses!

The app itself is easy to use. Simply visit the My Year in Status on Facebook page and click “start”. You’ll then be shown your very own Facebook status collage on one of eight backgrounds that you can customize (three of which, ironically, are Twitter-inspired from the looks of it). The app also lets you fine-tune which statuses to include, just in case there are some embarrassing or irrelevant ones that you want out of your collage.

There are currently just about 1,472,000 users of this app, and we think this number is going to explode even more in the coming days and weeks as 2010 draws to a close. This is the type of thing that goes viral around Facebook.

Want to see your Year in Status? Just visit the app’s page and get started!