5 Ways to Go Social for Earth Day

By Debra Eckerling 

Earth Day is on April 22. The event, which started in 1970, was created to demonstrate support and awareness of environmental causes. Earth Day and technology are not things people usually associate with one another. However, social media shines light on events, causes, and holidays. Earth Day encompasses all three.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day with social media.

1. Find Deals and Promotions. Many companies have special deals they promote in their newsletters and on social media. For example, west-coast based Veggie Grill tweeted they are offering a free meal, redeemable on the next visit, to those who ride their bicycles to their restaurant during Earth Week.

The Facebook page for FreeFlys.com announced that on Sunday, April 21, beginning at 10am, Target is giving away 1.5 million reusable bags; 250,000 of them will contain samples of sustainable products.

2. Play Games. Socially-conscious companies and brands use social media to promote awareness of all sorts of global issues. In addition to other donation-based promotions, Aveda has an Earth Month Facebook app. Participants choose a “water-partner” charity, match the image titles, play up to three  levels, and share the game. Aveda makes a donation each time a level is completed.

Recyclebank, which rewards people for taking every day green actions with discounts and deals, is celebrating Earth Month this year with an Eco Time Capsule. The site teaches green facts from the past with a pop culture slant. As users navigate through each decade, they can interact with facts and timelines – and make pledges to be more environmentally conscious – to earn Recyclebank Points.

3. Learn Something. The United States Environmental Protection Agency is hosting a Twitter chat on Earth Day at 2pm Eastern on how to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help protect the planet. Use hashtag #AskEPA. Global Conversations: Our Planet is another excellent resource for tweets, tips, and information.

DoSomething.org’s latest campaign “Don’t Be a Sucker” is raising awareness about “energy vampires” to help teens learn more about energy conservation. In the United States energy vampires waste $10 billion of energy every year. TVs are the biggest culprits, but cable boxes, DVD players, and video game consoles are also big drains. Teens are encouraged to post photos on Facebook and Twitter after they’ve successfully slayed their vampire lairs.

4. Attend an Earth Day Event and Post About It. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, tree-planting, or other event, it’s easy to show green pride by sharing a picture of the experience on all social networks. For a completely out-of-the box experience, check out Unify, which is connecting every Earth Day event on the planet, April 20 – 22, by linking all 22,000 festivals in 196 countries with a synchronized yoga/meditation/dance flash mob. Go to their site to find a flash mob near you. You can also find opportunities through sites like A Billion Acts of Green or by doing a local search.

5. Donate a Cell Phone. Cell Phones for Soldiers recycles old phones, which helps eliminate eWaste from landfills. They then turn the profits into minutes for our troops to call home. Kyocera Communications is encouraging social media followers to get involved as well with a Facebook contest: Donate phones by mail and then enter to win prizes, which include a free cell phone.

Remember, Earth Day may just be once a year. However, the celebrations should be reminders of how it’s easy to be green all year-round.

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year?