GM, Facebook Renew Advertising Relationship

By Justin Lafferty 

A few days before Facebook’s initial public offering last year, General Motors pulled its $10 million advertising campaign from the social network, unhappy that it didn’t have the control over ads it sought. But now it appears that the two sides have reconciled their differences. Ad Age reported Tuesday that GM is back in the mix as a Facebook advertiser.

GM, the country’s second-largest marketer, confirmed to Ad Age that it will start advertising on Facebook again. It appears that the auto manufacturer is tapping into the power of Facebook to reach out to mobile users.

Chris Perry, vice president of U.S. Chevrolet marketing, discussed the news with Ad Age:

Chevrolet is testing a number of mobile-advertising solutions, including Facebook, as part of its “Find New Roads” campaign. Today, Chevrolet is launching an industry-first, mobile-only pilot campaign for the Chevrolet Sonic that utilizes newly available targeting and measurement capabilities on Facebook.

Facebook told Ad Age that the two companies have been talking about this for a while:

We’ve had an ongoing dialogue with GM over the past 12 months and are pleased to have them back as an advertiser on Facebook. We look forward to working even more closely with GM in the coming weeks and months.

To understand how big this is for Facebook, eMarketer sent along some key figures to keep in mind. According to eMarketer, Facebook’s advertising revenue has risen quite steadily since GM pulled its campaign last year. Facebook is expected to earn $1.53 billion worldwide in mobile ad revenue, up from $470.7 million last year. In 2014, that figure could reach $2.7 billion.