Facebook Launches New Page Structure For Global Brands

By Justin Lafferty 

Brands that have an international presence just got a major boost, courtesy of Facebook. The site announced the rollout Wednesday of global pages for companies that want to reach out to consumers in other countries. Through this new layout, brands can establish one global identity.

In one of the biggest developments for brands since timeline, companies can more easily communicate with customers all over the world. Global pages allows brands that have one page or multiple country-based pages to have a universal, yet localized, presence.

Users will be directed to the best version of a page based on their home country, letting them see localized cover photos, profile photos, applications, milestones, “about” information, and news feed stories. The global pages structure will include localized pages for specific markets (single or multicountry regions) and a default page for all other markets.

Facebook Product Marketing Manager Kelly Winters wrote that users from all countries will see the same page name translated into their local language, as well as fan count and people talking about this. Brands can promote one URL, and users will automatically be directed to their localized page. Administrators can see insights for all global users in an easy-to-view dashboard.

Winters wrote about Facebook’s newest offering on the Facebook Studio blog:

In addition to providing better localized experiences for your customers, we want to make it easier for you to measure your audience in each country, as well as to benchmark your brand against other brands you care about. Later this year, we will include the country-level fan counts for all pages (both those using the global pages framework, as well as pages that haven’t transitioned to the new framework) publicly in our API. This will enable your internal teams to track how each market is performing, as well as to compare your fan base on a country-by-country level with other pages on Facebook by accessing the data available via our API.

Readers: Do you think Global Pages will help your business’ international reach?