Glam Launches With Heavy Social Media Emphasis

By Kelsey Blair Comment

If you’ve already got glam, what do you strive for next? What about bliss? Glam Media launches with social networking heavily incorporated into new platform.

Glam Media was “founded with the core mission of bringing brand advertisers online. Using the emotional, aspirational feel of print magazines as a model, Glam brings the emotive feel of print online.” Currently, Glam Media sees more than 90 million readers a month on a network of men’s and women’s lifestyle sites, and that number may be about to rise.  On Thursday July 24th, 20111, Glam Media launched a new vertical network (it’s third) targets a primarily female audience and focuses on health topics such as fitness, wellness, family, and diet and nutrition. According to the Glam Media website “is the premier destination for content celebrating a healthy lifestyle. Yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and health conscious moms alike can discover ways to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul on also includes, BlissConnect—a community platform for health and wellness bloggers and authors to connect, network and grow their audience and distribution.”

With this new launch is the arrival of Glam 2.0 which includes two new platforms: GlamCreate and GlamConnect.

GlamCreate is a directory that lets users showcase their work in particular categories. While the content is owned by Glam, there is ad-revenue sharing for contributors.

GlamConnect focuses on professional bloggers and writers and allows them to create communities around particular categories. The goal is to have specific social networking systems which provide an alternative to more generalized sites such as Facebook.  At the moment, it is by invite only. According to an interview with CEO Samir Arora with Ad Age Digital: “GlamConnect is the first vertical social network platform, and is by invite only. So BlissConnect will be specific to professional journalists and authors. It’s an antidote to Google+, or Facebook, or Twitter specifically. People have no affinity groups because it’s so widespread. But we’re launching with 500 authors. And it will be a community where people are already curated, filtered and have similar interests. That’s a very powerful community, and hard to do on your own.”

And that’s not all. The site is also set to include new social ads to be released in the fourth quarter; Arora notes: “We’ve already brought social activation into our current units, and now we’re going to do the next phase of branded social media advertising,”

What’s most interesting here is that while Glam is heavily focused on content production and acquisition, it has managed to find success with limited dependence on search engines. Is social media more powerful than a search engine? It’s too early to say for sure, but will provide another interesting case study of social media’s expanding possibilities.