Facebook Launches Getting Started Series For SMBs

By David Cohen 

HowFacebookAdsWork650Facebook continued its emphasis on small and midsized businesses with its launch of the Getting Started series, a series of posts aimed at SMBs that are new to Facebook. The first installment explained the basics behind Facebook advertising and ad targeting.

The social network offered the following basic tutorial on ad targeting:

As an advertiser on Facebook, you can choose the audiences you want for your ads. We offer tools that help you reach people based on traits and categories like:

  • Where they live
  • Demographics — like age, gender and more
  • Interests — like shopping, gadgets and more
  • Behaviors — like shopper profiles and offline interests

When people are on Facebook, they may see your ad in News Feed — the personal stream of updates from their friends, family, and things they care about. Since your ads reach people based on who they are and their interests, they’ll be more relevant to the people who see them.

Facebook said the Getting Started series will continue “in the coming weeks,” and it reminded SMBs about its five Facebook Fit boot camps aimed at that sector, with the remaining three scheduled for July 10 (Chicago), July 24 (Austin, Texas), and Aug. 5 (Menlo Park, Calif.).

Readers: Do you have any suggestions for how Facebook can help SMBs take advantage of its advertising offerings?