An Introduction to Facebook’s Custom Audiences

By David Cohen 

CreateAudience650The latest installment in Facebook’s Getting Started series provides small and midsized businesses with a primer on the social network’s custom audiences ad-targeting options.

The social network offered the following guide to custom audiences in a post on its Facebook for Business page:

With custom audiences, you can reach your current and potential customers with a Facebook ad. Custom audiences can be especially useful if you want to re-engage your customers on Facebook. For instance, you can use custom audiences to invite people to come back to your store, website or app, or send offers through Facebook to thank them for their loyalty.

To get started, just upload a list of contact info for your customers, like emails or phone numbers. You can even use data from your website or app. Our systems will then generate a custom audience — an audience comprised of people in your contacts list who you can reach on Facebook.

When you upload your contact list, Facebook hashes the information. That means we make the data unreadable, so no one — including Facebook — can recognize it or see anyone’s individual information. All your customers’ info is used in an anonymous, privacy-safe way that lets you reach your audience while keeping their data private and secure.

Once your custom audience is created, it appears as an audience option when you create your ad. You can then deliver Facebook ads to your custom audience, or expand your ad’s reach by including other audiences, as well.

When creating ads for your custom audiences, it helps to deliver messages that are relevant to each audience. For instance, if you’ve built a custom audience of people who visited your website over the past six months without making a purchase, you might want to offer a promotion enticing them to visit once again.

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