Geaver Makes It Fun To Send E-Cards To Facebook Friends

By Justin Lafferty 

Remember the days before the Internet, when people actually sent cards and letters through the mail? Geaver wants to bring that feeling back in the Facebook era. Through Geaver, people can send creative, witty e-cards to their Facebook friends using Facebook photos, YouTube videos, and whatever else sparks their creativity.

Recently launched in beta, Belgian application Geaver combines the best of Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify into a fun e-card service. Soon, users will be able to add Instagram photos to their Geaver cards, as well.

People can also easily connect to Geaver through Facebook login.

Geaver offers card creations for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, and just because. Everything is fully customizable, making it different from a standard e-card.

Geaver Co-Founder Tom Vroemans explained the service in a press release:

With the rise of social media, the traditional postcard and e-card were becoming redundant. People quickly post something on a Facebook wall or send a brief text message or tweet. With Geaver, we want to challenge people to start thinking about the message and the form of their greeting once more and offer them a solution to make it as personal as possible.

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Geaver – Introduction from Geaver on Vimeo.