GDC 2011: Dungeon Defenders is a 4-Player Diablo… for Every Platform

By Azam Khan Comment

GDC Expo is filled with cutting edge technology. One notable find was Dungeon Defenders, a truly cross-platform real-time multiplayer 3D action RPG game that runs across iOS, PC, Android and PS3. More after the jump.

The game is a 4 player cooperative action RPG tower defense game. It plays kind of like a mash between Diablo and your standard tower defense game. There is a build phase and a combat phase. In the build phase you plan your defenses with your teammates and construct them. Once ready, the combat phase initiates. The combat phase you lay defenses, lay defenses and upgrade but you have to do it under duress of being attacked.

The persistent world element is very alluring. Each character gets a tavern where they can level up and buy upgrades. People meet with you in taverns. Players can begin matches by starting with a list of games or they can click quick match. People can play on any device – allowing users to play with their friends using a wide variety of devices.

There are 4 completely different character classes: huntress, squire, apprentice and monk. Each character sets their own types of towers – and its very isometric 3rd person view.

Cross-platform isn’t easy – but it’s where things are heading. The system is powered by GameSpy’s multiplatform technology service. What’s interesting is that the game will be launched on Xbox 360 but won’t be cross-platform. To learn more, check out