Gannett Confirms Acquisition Of Facebook Ad Software Provider Blinq Media

By David Cohen 

Media company Gannett Tuesday confirmed its acquisition of Facebook advertising software and service company Blinq Media, first reported Aug. 10.

Terms were not disclosed, but at the time of the original reports, TechCrunch pegged the sale price at $92 million, spread out over three or four years.

TechCrunch also reported earlier this month that Gannett and Blinq had been working together for about one year prior to the agreement.

The two companies said Blinq will continue to operate its core business under the Gannett portfolio, with Gannett Digital Marketing Services taking advantage of Blinq’s BAM 2.0 technology platform, adding that Blinq CEO Dave Williams will report to Gannett Digital Marketing Services President and CEO Vikram Sharma.

Gannett and Blinq added that the latter’s headquarters will remain at TechSpace in New York; its technology, finance, and marketing groups will remain based in Atlanta; and its sales and support offices will continue to operate in London, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Gannett President and CEO Gracia Martore said:

With demand for social media marketing solutions continuing to grow at a rapid pace, this acquisition is part of our ongoing transformation at Gannett and positions us to be a leader in both local and global social media marketing. Blinq will enhance Gannett Digital Marketing Services’ ability to deliver a one-stop shop for all marketing needs, including social marketing.

Blinq has the ability to deliver innovative and differentiated social media marketing solutions, especially at the local level, which is great news for businesses in our 100-plus local communities, as well as for national brands that want to reach audiences in those communities.