Oppa Gangnam Style! 15 Sweet Parodies, Mashups, Covers & More

By Megan O'Neill 

Unless you live under a rock then you’ve probably been jamming out to PSY for the past couple of weeks.  Ever since South Korean pop star Park Jae-Sang’s ‘Gangnam Style’ went viral, us westerners just can’t get enough of his catchy beats and invisible horse-riding prowess.  Covers, parodies and mashups are popping up left and right and we thought it only fitting, of course, to compile some of our favorites into a big ol’ list.  Oppa Gangnam Style!

Before we get to all the mashups, parodies and covers, here’s PSY’s original ‘Gangnam Style’ music video for those who haven’t seen it (or for those who have but just can’t get enough).  The video has been viewed over 63 million times as of the writing of this post!

Gangnam Style Meets Metal

Eric Calderone aka 331Erock, is racking up the views this morning for his heavy metal take on Gangnam Style.  This. Blew. My. Mind.


Chad Wildclay sings Gangnam Style in the English words, as he hears it.  Did you hear any of the stuff that Chad heard?

Gangnam Style Parody (eng vers) – PSY

Here’s another English version of the Kpop hit.  It’s racked up almost 1 million views since it hit YouTube at the end of July.  Cool sauna hair!

PSY vs LMFAO – Sexy Style (Mash-Up)

Hey sexy lady!  Here’s a pretty fitting mashup—it’s Gangnam Style and LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It.’  I dare you to try to listen to the whole thing without invisible horsing!


But wait, there’s more!  Here’s a mashup of Gangnam Style and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships.’  Enjoy!

Nelly Furtado Gangnam Style!!

Nelly Furtado jumped on the Gangnam Style bandwagon, performing the song (and doing a pretty sweet invisible horse ride) when she was on tour in Singapore.

Psy at Dodger Stadium! Gangnam Style!

Just how big has the Gangnam Style craze become?  Well, just check out the reaction of the crowd at a Dodgers-Giants game when PSY started dancing to his hit song.


Gangnam Style was such a big hit that PSY put out a second version, featuring Kpop star Hyuna.  This video has racked up over 18 million views.


The Fine Brothers decided to see what teens think of Gangnam Style in their latest episode of Teens React.  “Is this song about riding horses?”

MysteryGuitarMan – Oppa Gangnam Style

The Fine Brothers aren’t the only big YouTubers to go Gangnam—MysteryGuitarMan put his own twist on the song, which has racked up over half a million views so far.

Pony Gangnam Style

Bronies, rejoice!  Warning: If you watch on YouTube this plays on a loop and it may take your all not to get sucked in forever.

Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ For Orchestra M/V

ForOrchestra puts a classical spin on Gangnam Style and it’s amazing!  (I guess I didn’t have to say it’s amazing.  Of course it is….it’s Gangnam Style!)

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE – Jun Sung Ahn Dance & Violin Cover

This cover, performed by two dudes on a couch with a violin, has racked up over 1 million views.  Pretty sweet dance moves.

PSY Goes Gaga

And here’s a little non-Gangnam PSY. Park Jae-Sang transforms himself into Lady Gaga for the night.

GANGNAM STYLE – 10 Hour Loop

Still haven’t had enough of ‘Gangnam Style’?  Here’s a 10-hour loop to quench your thirst for PSY.  Oh, and if you’ve got any favorite Gangnam Style videos that we’ve missed, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.