Gamingo Bets On Facebook Fantasy Football And Soccer

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Hey, fantasy sports fans, these Facebook applications are for you.

Gamingo‘s brand new Social Fantasy Sports engine gives fans the opportunity to build their ultimate teams and to compete against other Facebook gamers for virtual cash.

So far, two such games launched on Facebook: Premiere League Legend (for soccer) and Fantasy Football Legend, but more are on the way for other sports.

The vendor describes the two applications in a press release:

Upon registration, gamers are awarded a set of real life pro-athletes that they can use to build their ultimate team. Gamers select the players they want on their fantasy team and then enter competitions against other gamers on Facebook. Gamers are awarded points depending on the real-life performance of their players on the field during each week of games throughout the season.

Deep social features are built into every aspect of the games, including the ability to trade and sell players, exchange gifts, and perhaps most importantly, to chat and trash talk about the results of the game. Gamers can return at anytime to their competition group to see live scores and follow the progress of the competition.

Both apps let fantasy sports fans play against eight other players, all positioned around virtual stadiums.

Gamers can level up with experience, and earn the ability to compete for higher stakes and reconfigure their teams with better athletes.

We’re guessing that Gamingo’s next Facebook fantasy sport app will involve baseball.

Readers, would you be willing to move your fantasy sports league to a Facebook application?