Facebook Tests Allowing Users To Start Games Instantly, Bypass Permissions Dialog

By David Cohen 

Facebook game developers Zynga, Kixeye, and Electronic Arts reached agreements with Facebook to test a new “start now” feature, that allows users to begin playing games including Zynga Slingo, Indiana Jones Adventure World, Backyard Monsters, and Battle Pirates instantly, bypassing the permissions dialog.

Facebook confirmed the test to sister blog Inside Facebook, saying:

We’re beginning a limited rollout of a feature that enables people to start playing a select number of games on Facebook.com in one click, while only sharing public information and friend lists with the application to personalize the experience. Initial tests have shown that the start now functionality drove significant gains in new users and daily active users, with low opt-out rates. The feature gives people the opportunity to get started with games and apps immediately, and provides developers with more ways to grow and gain engaged users on Facebook.com.

Inside Facebook reported that Facebook’s help center was already updated to reflect the test, adding that a blue bar at the top of the games allows users to opt out immediately without giving the apps access to any of their information.

Readers: Would you be more likely to try out a game without having to go through the permissions process first?

Screen grabs courtesy of Inside Facebook.