Gallup Poll: The More You Use Facebook, The Less You Care About Privacy

By CJ Arlotta 

Privacy seems to always be a concern of ours with Facebook…or is it? According to a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 2,000 adults, users become less concerned with privacy the more they use Facebook, which makes sense, doesn’t it?

The poll reported, “26% of respondents who use Facebook at least daily said they were ‘very concerned’ about privacy.” The less often respondents used Facebook, the more they expressed concern about privacy. These users were most likely less concerned with privacy because they most likely update their statuses, photos and locations frequently, which would diminish their privacy efforts.

On the other hand, 35% of those that use Facebook once a week, and 39% that use Facebook less often were more concerned about privacy. These users may use Facebook less often because of their concern for privacy or just the fact that they do not use Facebook as often as others.

Despite recent privacy issues, Facebook continues to attract more users to their platform, which raises questions. What exactly is our threshold level for privacy? The more Facebook takes away privacy from users, the more we as users reach new thresholds. When will Facebook users say enough is a enough or will we ever reach that point?

Only time will tell.

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