IPhone App Gabi Lets Users Customize Their Facebook News Feeds

By David Cohen 

iPhone users who want a different way of catching up with their Facebook news feeds have a new option in the form of Gabi, a $0.99 application for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Berlin-based Loui Apps.

Gabi allows users to choose what content they see by asking the app questions that enable it to filter their news feed content, and the results are displayed as tiles that update for users to access in future visits.

Loui Apps wrote in the description for Gabi in the App Store:

Gabi is a beautiful new way to visualize and interact with Facebook. It filters your content according to what’s popular, controversial, and relevant to you. Instead of displaying everything in your news feed, it only shows you what’s best: the best pictures, videos, statuses, groups, links, interests, etc.

Gabi is 100 percent private. There are no external servers. All of the magic happens inside your device. All of the social secrets are kept between you and Gabi. So, don’t worry! Be happy. Enjoy Gabi. That’s why we built it.

By answering 100+ questions, Gabi tells you everything you’d want to know about yourself and your social network. It lets you know how the stuff you’ve shared is doing, ranking everything from most to least popular. It also tells you things about your friends, like who’s single or who’s sharing the best photos this week.

You can like and comment on all of the best content directly from Gabi as you browse. All of Gabi’s ranked answers generate taggable lists, which you can share directly from the app to your timeline. It’s a social spotlight, highlighting those friends sharing the most popular content.

Gabriel Palomino, one of the developers behind the app, spoke with Mashable at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, saying:

What we have built here is a human-language interface. You only see the best content. So if you don’t have too much time to check things, here you see only the best and don’t miss anything.

Mashable also reported that an iPad version of Gabi will be released around Christmas, adding that the next update will include additional questions, and Palomino hopes to add Siri support if Apple makes the functionality available.

Readers: Would you be interested in an alternate look at your news feed, such as what Gabi provides?