Funny Or Die: 3.4 Million Facebook Fans, 2.2 Twitter Followers and Now, Klout Perks

By Kenna McHugh 

Klout and Funny Or Die have formed a very clever and wise strategic partnership. The partnership starts with a program called Klout Perks. The program is offering special rewards for the most influential people throughout the social web. It will enable brands to connect with influencers in their area of expertise.

The new partnership is another important step to staying ahead of the curve, according to Dick Glover, CEO of Funny Or Die. “We will now be able to provide even more exclusive value to our content providers, users and advertisers.”

Funny Or Die’s Klout Score is 83, which puts Funny Or Die in the top 1% of over 90 million Klout Scores worldwide. The high score is a result of Funny Or Die’s prolific social media and marketing division that has over 2.2 million Twitter followers, approximately 3.4 million Facebook fans across the two accounts it manages, and devoted followers on numerous social networking and sharing sites.

Together, both social media companies will work with top brands to produce exciting, custom campaigns that are precisely targeted to the social web’s most influential participants.

“We look forward to bringing Funny Or Die’s creativity to Klout Perks, allowing brands to connect with influencers in new and innovative ways,” said Joe Fernandez, CEO and Co-founder of Klout.