Friday Morning Laughs – Your Favorite Memes Get The Journey Treatment

By Megan O'Neill 

Happy Friday, ladies and gents.  The weekend is almost here and, as we do every week, we’ve compiled a list of some of the week’s funniest videos to help you close out the workweek with a smile on your face.  This week’s Friday Morning Laughs includes a Journey parody about memes, a strange story about a heroic hitchhiker, a toddler’s trick shots, Obama singing the Pokékon theme and more.  Enjoy!

Favorite Memes (Journey – Faithfully Song Parody)

Your favorite memes get the Journey treatment in this parody of the song Faithfully.  Did your favorite memes make it in?

smash, Smash, SMASH!

This week a very strange story of a heroic hitchhiker went viral.  When a man claiming he was Jesus plowed his car into a P&G worker, a hitchhiker that he had picked up saved the day.  The news interview with the hitchhiker has been songified by Shmoyoho.  Check out the original interview here and the songified version, smash, Smash, SMASH! below.

Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot Video

Watch out, Dude Perfect!  There’s a new trick shot master in town, and he’s only between 18 to 24 months old!

Barack Obama Singing the Pokémon Theme Song

In baracksdubs’ latest video, Obama sings the Pokémon theme.

Baby’s first steps interrupted by pooping dog

This baby is about to take her first steps, but wait!  A puppy is about to make this memorable moment even more memorable!

Sesame Street: Upside Downton Abbey

Sesame Street has racked up over 893,000 views so far with their upside down version of Downton Abbey.


And finally…how awesome is this?

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