Friday Morning Laughs – The Star Trek Parody That Cost Taxpayers $60,000

By Megan O'Neill 

Friday is here, and with it comes our weekly roundup of smile-inducing videos.  This week’s Friday Morning Laughs features a ridiculous Star Trek parody created by the IRS, an “honest trailer” for Les Miserables, dogs with hands, an adorable meerkat and more.  Enjoy!

IRS Star Trek Parody

This terrible Star Trek parody, along with a second parody of Gilligan’s Island, were created for an IRS training and leadership conference and cost about $60,000.  Stephanie Ohlemacher of the Washington Post reports that “the IRS got a rebuke from Congress for wasting taxpayer dollars” on the video.

The parody was created for training purposes, but as you can see it’s got next to no training value.  Ohlemacher writes, “The production value is high even though the acting is what one might expect from a bunch of tax collectors. In the video, the spaceship is approaching the planet ‘Notax,’ where alien identity theft appears to be a problem.”

Of course, I’m all for not wasting taxpayer dollars but that being said I still find this whole thing hilarious.

Honest Trailers – Les Miserables

The latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies takes a look at Les Miserables.  Russell Crowe fans, you may want to skip this one.

Hip Hop Shopping Spree | CDZA Opus No. 21

CDZA teamed up with Mark, Todd and Stasia of the Key of Awesome to go on a Hip Hop shopping spree!  They sing excerpts from hip hop songs that include product placement and tally up the total of how much it would cost to actually purchase all those items.  The grand total is over 56 million dollars!  I wonder how much they actually had to spend on all those props!

Get The Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems…

There’s something a little gross and creepy about this, but it’s funny nevertheless.

Soori the meerkat nodding off!

Oh, look!  A meerkat!

Recorders – Purple and Gold (Official)

And finally, here’s an awesome music video for Recorders ‘Purple and Gold’ featuring a bunch of dogs with hands.  Dogs with hands are the best.  If you agree, check out our 2010 post on dogs with hands taking over YouTube.  Happy weekend!

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