Friday Morning Laughs – Snooki, Mario & A Very Lazy Cat

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Friday is here and we’re all getting ready for the weekend.  Whether you’re getting ready to relax…or trying to forget about the fact that you haven’t started on your taxes yet for a few minutes…we’ve got you covered with a collection of videos to help you end your week with a laugh and a smile.  This week we’ve got one of the laziest cats you’ve ever seen, a hilarious Snookie critique by Anderson Cooper, a Super Mario theme cover, a hilarious prank and the President of the Czech Republic stealing a pen.  So sit back, relax and get ready for some Friday Morning Laughs!

President of Czech Republic Steals Pen

You may have already seen this video in our Weekly Dose of WTF or read our post about it, but we thought it was worth closing out the week with it as well.  Earlier this week the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, was caught on tape pocketing a fancy pen during a press conference in Chile.  The video, which has been viewed nearly 4 million times this week, inspired a Facebook campaign to mail President Klaus pens on May 2, ‘as the president obvious has nothing to write with’.

Anderson Cooper slams reality television star Snooki

Oh, Anderson Cooper.  You are so wise.  In this clip he slams Snookie, adding “all the people who are paying Snookie to, well, be Snookie” to his “Ridiculist.”  He calls Snookie, “one impossibly lucky, unusually spunky, freakishly tan, beer-guzzling, juice head hugging, muscle loving, Botero-bodied, pint-sized money making machine.”  Did you know that Snookie will be making $100,000 per episode for the new season of Jersey Shore?  And worse, did you know that Rutgers University paid Snookie $32,000 for one speech at the school?  That’s even more than they are paying novelist Toni Morrison to speak at commencement next month!

The Cleverlys perform Super Mario for Maxim UK

This blue grass rendition of the Super Mario theme song just may be one of the best Mario Brothers theme covers we’ve heard!  If you like this, check out our post on 10 Super Mario Bros theme covers that will make you want to stomp some Goombas!

Funniest Japanese Girls Prank

This is definitely one of the most hilarious pranks I’ve seen in awhile.  Two young girl tourists ask people to take a picture of them, but when a van passes the girls they turn into…well…something quite different.  Like pranks?  Check out our list of 10 hilarious prank videos on YouTube.

Cat Watching TV

Finally, how awesome is this cat?  It’s the cat version of the hilarious English Bulldog Watching TV video that has been viewed over 3.7 million times.

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