Free YouTube ‘Creator Playbook’ a Must Read for Musicians

By Will M 

YouTube Creator Playbook ImageMost artists don’t know there is a free guide to using YouTube.

“Musicians should have their manager or buddy read it, if they don’t want to” an executive explained at the Digital Music Forum West.

Why should musicians use YouTube?  Because YouTube is a new powerhouse in the media industry.

YouTube has:

  • 800 million unique visitors a month
  • 4 billion hours of video viewed every month
  • 1 million+ channels earning revenue in the partner community
  • 1 trillion views in 2011 –  that’s 140 views for every human
  • 500 years worth of YouTube videos being watched on Facebook every day

Despite this success, YouTube still can’t reach musicians with its “how to” guides for succeeding on their platform.  Google and YouTube are spending tons of money and time creating free resources for artists – but 99.9% of artists have no idea they are available.  So there is an opportunity to be in that .01% of artists who get it…

Creator Playbook

YouTube’s “Creator Playbook” is a free eBook to simplify artists’ experience using YouTube and to maximize their opportunities.

  • Tips for getting people to watch your videos and channel
  • How to cross promote and collaborate with other artists
  • YouTube basics like metadata, thumbnails, playlists and channel pages
  • Using YouTube Analytics to understand how your content is being viewed
  • Strategies for building audience and engagement on YouTube

Click Here to Download the Creator Playbook

Who Should Read the Creator Playbook?

Managers will benefit from the Creator Playbook – especially ones transitioning artists to new platforms.  Music success used to be all about signing with a major record label, and then turning the marketing and distribution to them.  “Now everyone has to work all the time,” an insider confided to me – describing how social media and online platforms create work for music managers.

Artists who are frustrated with YouTube should read the Creators Guide.  Don’t try and figure it out from within the interface – just take the time to read the playbook for how to use YouTube, how to integrate with Google’s system for paying artists, etc.  Google is a technology company, so give them a break and just see what they have to say…

Reading the playbook for succeeding on YouTube will give you an advantage over 99% of your industry.

So read it – or give it to your buddy to read!