Frank Frankovsky Leaves Facebook To Form Optical-Storage Startup; Will Remain With OCP

By David Cohen 

OpenComputeProjectLogo650Facebook Vice President of Hardware Design and Supply Chain Operations and Open Compute Project Chairman and President Frank Frankovsky left the social network to form an optical-storage startup, GigaOM reported, adding that he will continue as OCP chairman and president as an independent member.

According to GigaOM, Director of Infrastructure Jason Taylor is now leading Facebook’s hardware design and supply chain teams and representing the social network at OCP, where he will join the board. Facebook told GigaOM Taylor has been overseeing a great deal of this work over the past year.

Frankovsky, who joined Facebook from Dell in 2009 and spearheaded the creation of OCP, told Stacey Higginbotham of GigaOM:

When I joined, it was it was a culture shock, being a hardware guy at such a fast-moving software company. It was like if you’ve ever jumped out of a fast-moving boat, you get the wind knocked out of you when you hit the water. That’s what it felt like to be a slow-moving hardware guy with all of these software people who were used to iterating every few weeks. That’s why we started Open Compute — so we could speed up the development of hardware.

Readers: Will Facebook be able to continue its momentum on the data-storage front without Frankovsky?