Facebook Adding Edge Network Servers To Handle Photos, New Services

By David Cohen 

Facebook Director, Hardware Design and Supply Chain Frank Frankovsky said at GigaOM Structure 2012 in San Francisco Thursday that the social network will add its own servers to points of presence owned by Internet-service providers in order to speed delivery of the social network’s content.

GigaOM reported that Facebook is not replacing its content delivery network partners, but simply bolstering its edge network to account for new services.

Frankovsky said at the event that photos alone were enough to convince Facebook to explore its options, but he would not go into details on the social network’s potential new services, according to GigaOM.

He also discussed the impact of Open Compute, saying that Facebook is able to manage 10,000 servers with one systems administrator due to working with Open Compute on design, GigaOM reported.

As for future plans, GigaOM said Frankovsky believes innovation in several areas is necessary, including how to operate a data center at maximum capacity by intelligently balancing workloads.

Readers: What bandwidth-hungry new services do you think Facebook is preparing for?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.