Fox News FAIL: President Obama Is In Fact Dead?! [Video]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Something isn’t quite right with this quote from Fox 5: “President Obama speaking from the East room of the White House, telling the nation and the world President Obama is in fact dead.”

A slip of the tongue on Fox News, just before Obama’s speech last night has led to one of the biggest and most ridiculous news bloopers of all time:

But wait…there’s more!  This reporter wasn’t the only person who reported on Fox that Obama was dead.  Geraldo Rivera reported, “Obama is dead…I don’t care!”  And then the woman on the phone says that “Geraldo is dead”.  Wait, I’m confused…is Obama…I mean, Osama…I mean…wait!  Huh?

There is no denying that Osama and Obama are pretty similar names, and even I accidentally said Obama a couple of times when talking about the big news with friends this morning.  But when you are on the news it is extra important to watch these kinds of slips and that fact that Fox has already confused the world’s most renowned terrorist with the President who finally brought him to justice at least twice is nothing short of an Epic FAIL, and one which will live on YouTube for years to come.

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Update: Fox News isn’t alone.  Everyone from CNN to NPR is slipping up, saying Obama instead of Osama.

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