Foursquare Lets Users Share Mobile Venue Pages With Non-Members

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, mobile apps, local search, recommendations, yelp, check-insFoursquare has unveiled a “share” button on its venue pages that allow users of the location-based social network to share its content with mobile users who don’t have the Foursquare app installed.

“We’ve redesigned the page to highlight great tips and photos (and it still has all the essentials, like address, phone number, and more),” the company said in a blog post.

Users don’t have to check in to the venue to be able to post an auto-generated message linking to its Foursquare page.  On the desktop users can only share when they check in to a venue, and the link generated points to the check-in.

The move thus seems to mark a significant step away from being a social network and toward being a straight local search application.

Those who receive the messages who don’t have Foursquare on their phone will be directed to an mobile-optimized venue webpage that features hours, contact information and tips from Foursquare users.

Users can share the venue page through email or text as well as Foursquare. Those who have linked Facebook or Twitter accounts can use those also.