Foursquare is Now Splashing Color With New Photos Feature

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Foursquare users can now record their memories of an event and sample their friends’ memories, too. The new social media photo feature for Foursquare helps save and share photos of events from various users who checked in, and then the photos can be viewed on the check-in detail page.

Foursquare blog by Engineer Kushal Dave reports, “We recently had our first internal hack day at foursquare HQ (we took a day off from our main projects to play around with ideas to make foursquare better). We worked on a ton of different things, and the first thing to make it out the door is a way of seeing all the pictures your friends took, right on your check-in detail page.”

The idea of sharing photos was the reason for the Color app. The new function works with both Apple iOS platform and Android. It allows friends to be in close proximity to each other while gaining some real-time access to photos, video and text messages. What is cool is that the social networking applications can happen all at once from multiple smartphones. Foursquare helps users organize their photos by each event as Color images are arrange in groups according to the time the photo was captured. Scrolling down is easy to do with a touchscreen phone. You can view days, weeks or months.

“It works wonderfully for parties, elaborate brunches, and things like concerts,” posted Dave. “And, when your friends look at the same screen, they see their mutual friends who were there with you, and those people’s photos, too.”