Foursquare Co-Founder Talks About Needed Improvements

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley spoke at Girls in Tech event in San Francisco. There he talked about Foursquare’s improvements in the coming months. He even promised to make the app go faster.

Crowley called Foursquare’s current check-in process “clunky and heavy.” Crowley admitted that it took him 20 seconds to check in at the event when it should have taken five.

He spoke of creating a “hybrid check-in” model where the phone would recognize when you’ve entered an establishment that you previously visited and ask you if you’d like to check in there.

As for the third quarter, Crowley hopes to work on some of the more passive functions such as something similar to Microsoft’s digital assistant called Clippy.

Crowley also mentioned implementing something similar to the Facebook news feed to alert you to what other users are doing with your information and at nearby places. He says Foursquare should alert you when someone does one of your tips, when friends are nearby or when there’s an interesting special.

During the talk, Crowley revealed a little more about the company’s demographics. Most users are in the 24–27 age range. Particularly, college students and parents with young children are picking it up and using it as well. The service currently has 8.5 million users and 300,000 businesses signed up. He also emphasized Foursquare is “hiring as many engineers as it can get its hands on in New York and San Francisco.”

Another interesting bit of information Crowley shared is that Foursquare’s friend graphs tend to be much tighter than Facebook’s, with each user having 5-8 friends as opposed to hundreds on Facebook.