Four Emerging Social Media Markets To Watch [Infographic]

By Mary C. Long 

Although the United States dominates in social media, there four emerging social media markets in the world that you’ll want to keep an eye on: BRIC Countries.

What are BRIC countries? Brazil, Russia, India and China. They’re grouped together because they are “all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development.” (Pardon the Wikipedia reference.)

The folks at BestFreeOnline spent months researching the rise of social media in BRIC countries and have detailed some interesting findings. Mainly, they note that “multinational companies should remain alert of the social opportunities by unleashing their business potential in some of the most promising untapped markets in the world.”

And while this is certainly true, it’s probably WHERE one should focus that’s most surprising. Russians, for example, are apparently spending way more time online than anybody else, but you aren’t going to find these folks on Facebook. Maybe it’s time to beef up your business’ presence on Odnoklassniki?

Check out the Infographic below for more:
Rise Of Social Media In BRIC Countries
Via: Best Free Online

(World image from Shutterstock)