Fortune Rolls Out Web App Fortune500+

By David Cohen Comment

Fortune released an app tied to its 2011 Fortune 500 list, Fortune500+. Nothing unusual about that, right? Except that the app is HTML 5-based and designed for Internet browsers (PC or Mac), with tablet versions to be introduced down the road.

Fortune500+ features company descriptions, ranks, financial data, management biographies, investing information, customizable stock charts, and Google-powered news for firms in the Fortune 1000, as well as companies on the magazine’s Best Companies to Work For and Most Admired lists. Fortune said the Fortune Global 1000 will be added, as well.

As for the decision to launch a Web app instead of an app designed for specific devices such as tablets, managing editor Daniel Roth told

I think you’ll see that more and more apps will go this way. It enables users to use all of our reporting in a way we’ve never done before. We know people use our information as a tool. Why not actually build a tool for them?