Former Police Chief Bill Bratton Launches Facebook for Cops

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, bill bratton, blueline, social network for cops, facebook for copsBill Bratton, former commissioner of the Boston and New York Police departments, will launch a Facebook-like social network for police officers, according to a Reuters report Bratton tweeted.

The network, according to the report, launched in beta in mid-June. It’s being tested by 100 officers in the Los Angeles police and sheriff’s departments and the University of Southern California police.

Dubbed BlueLine, the network is designed to allow “active law enforcement officers and professionals to find each other and share insights, observations and expertise.” It combines some of the most popular features of other social networks, primarily Facebook. Members can post messages, photos or videos and can “like” and “share” each other’s content.  Like LinkedIn, BlueLine allows officers to join specialized groups, such as SWAT, to talk about related issues.

BlueLine reportedly offers privacy and security to keep the public and potential perpetrators from learning about investigations or techniques from leaking out to the general public. It requires multiple verifications for a new user to create an account, for example.

The product was built by the for-profit Bratton Technologies company, which is based in New York City. It is funded by San Francisco-based G2 Investment Group.