Ford, Coke Like Facebook Advertising

By Justin Lafferty 

While some question the effectiveness of advertising through Facebook, two major American companies say it works. Coca-Cola and Ford recently told The Wall Street Journal that they’ve had success on the social network.

Executives from Coke and Ford both talked about the importance of having people simply talk about the product, something that Facebook promotes. Although Ford is Facebook-crazy, competitor General Motors recently pulled its $10 million advertising campaign after the social media company allegedly wouldn’t allow GM total control of its page, in an effort to manage advertising bombardment.

Jim Farley, Ford’s global sales and marketing vice president, spoke about how the news-spreading nature of Facebook has helped his company:

Someone who likes you on Facebook is substantially more willing to advocate the brand … This interaction and engagement (on Facebook) is something that you don’t necessarily see in traditional media. That’s why we continue to accelerate our digital advertising investment to more than 25% of our media dollars.

Ford noted the success of the Mustang Customizer, an application where users can design the muscle car of their dreams. That app was launched in September, and the company said Mustang sales have risen 18 percent so far this year.

Coke has also beefed up its digital advertising budget. In the words of Coca-Cola’s marketing chief, Joe Tripodi:

If we can get 40 million-plus fans, or even some subset of them, talking positively about the things we’re doing, ultimately, that’s a good thing for us.

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