Forbes & Combine Newsrooms

By Chris Ariens Comment

Forbes_1.14.jpgCalling it a “once in a generation opportunity,” William Baldwin, editor of Forbes and Paul Maidment editor of announced they are combining their resources into one newsroom, “to make our brand of journalism stronger than ever.”

In a letter from the editors, the two write, “While the forms of journalism are evolving almost daily in a Web-enabled world, the need for smart minds that can collect, filter and prioritize the terabytes of information out there, distill its essence and present it effectively so it provides unique insight–in short, people who can write and edit–is greater than ever before.”

The editors say the combined resources of one newsroom will, “better serve our global audience.”

“It will mean new jobs and new ways of doing things in a new media world. Some of it will look familiar, much of it less so. Some of it will be uncomfortable at first.”

It’s not known how many jobs, if any, will be lost in the reorganization. According to the letter, senior editors will be given more responsibility for “developing distinctive Forbes content, and holding them more accountable for it.”