Football Season’s Over — Here’s a Fantasy League for Music

By Devon Glenn 

TastemakerX, a social game for discovering music, has announced the launch of a fantasy league where music lovers bet on their favorite musicians instead of athletes. The company has also raised $1.25 million in funding from existing investors including Baseline, True, Guggenheim, and AOL.

Players can use TastemakerX to collect music from artists they like, to discover new music from other people with similar taste, and to form virtual leagues to see who can build the most valuable record collection.

The platform connects to Spotify, Songkick, SoundCloud and YouTube to bring everything the web has to offer on a particular artist to one page.

Notes are the currency of this game. The artists, whose values go up and down like a company stock, can be traded just like players in a fantasy football league.

“Fantasy sports have proven to be the only successful long-term gamification of anything, ever,” said TasteMakerX founder and CEO Marc Ruxin in a statement. “People join leagues with friends and strangers, and invest tons of time into knowing everything about anyone in a given sport. The forcing function of having to ‘make moves’ and make trades keeps players sharp and active. TastemakerX is delivering a new experience to compel music fans to be similarly proactive about the music they listen to and the artists they keep up on, not just around the occasional new music itch to scratch. We see this as a game changer for discovery.”

With the additional funds, the company plans to evolve the discovery platform and form new partnerships.