FooTalk Takes Free Calling Between Facebook Users Worldwide

By David Cohen 

Smartphone calling application FooTalk launched an upgrade that allows its iOS and Android users to synch with their Facebook profiles and make free calls to their friends.

Facebook introduced an update to Facebook Messenger for Android earlier this month that added free calling for users in Canada to the app, and last month’s update to Facebook Messenger for iOS brought the feature to the U.S. and Canada, but FooTalk works globally.

When users upgrade or install FooTalk, they are asked if they wish to connect the app with the social network. After doing so, Facebook friends are listed under a separate tab, which indicates those who also use FooTalk and are available. Users can also leave messages on their friends’ walls.

FooTalk Co-Founder Graeme Hutchinson said:

With Facebook now connecting more than 680 million mobile users, we want to offer people the chance to take this connection over and above simply sharing status updates and images. We believe this is the next step in how we will use social media to communicate, and we have made this functionality as simple and easy to use as possible, ensuring that even the least technical Facebook users can connect with each other on a call, as well as in the usual way.

FooTalk has always aimed to be a customer-centric service. Our app is built around the needs of our users, and developing this update was no different. Where we’ve introduced functions to quickly invite and notify Facebook friends from within the app, we’ve also ensured that these are always subject to the user choosing to do so, rather than anything happening automatically or behind-the-scenes. This way, users are in complete control of FooTalk and how they use it with Facebook.

Readers: Have you ever connected any mobile calling apps with your Facebook profiles?