Follow Someone? Now You Can Get Their Style in a Box

By Ellie Cachette 

Many monthly curated boxes have been taking off with the likes of BarkBox, ConsciousBox, NatureBox, Bluum, Birchbox and many others, but the former founding Editor of GOOD Magazine decided to do something different: instead of having a box of items you may like, why not get a box of items from someone you do like?

Quarterly Co curates packages based upon various contributors a person can choose to follow and once a quarter delivers a box of items a particular contributor likes to their subscribers. It’s like following someone on Twitter except getting to taste and smell what they like or use. Interestingly enough, you can even follow startups (like Wander) or a group of VCs like True Ventures — they even have Stanford’s Design School on board and boxes to help you get “uncluttered.”

The inspiration? Zach Frechette says he noticed at GOOD Magazine that people and consumers were interested in being engaged and learning about the best and “good” items to use, but needed another level to have that expressed. With Quarterly Co, instead of picking a box of items to get for a particular genre, you actually get what you want.

What makes this special is that, similar to Twitter, almost anyone can become a box curator. If you have a really good BBQ sauce, but are in a remote location, you could still get followers. In other examples, curators send DIY tricks or stylish items. It really is more like “following” someone and getting a box of stuff. Part creepy, part Engagement 101.

The boxes range from $25 to $100 a quarter. More contributors are signing up each day, so the selection is wide.

Frechette says after six years editing and producing the magazine he wanted to deliver what consumers were asking for.

Would you follow someone and get their “box”?