Flipboard Update Delivers RSS Reading and More Social Integration

By Cameron Scott 

flipboard, rss readers, google reader, social curation, e-magazines, mobile appsFlipboard, an app that allows users to read the content that has been shared in their social networks, launched an iOS update today that delivers on an earlier promise to import users’ Google Reader RSS subscriptions and adds additional ways of sharing content to social networks from the app.

Users who sign into their Google Reader account through Fllipboard before Reader’s scheduled demise on July 1 will have their feeds and organizational folders saved into the app.

The update also allows users to simultaneously share content to the Flipboard magazines they curate and to Twitter and Facebook.

The app’s core function is to grab linked content from the user’s social networking accounts and display it in an easy-to-read magazine format. Users can also obtain content by specifying areas of interest. When reading the content, they can share it, using the major social networks or email. Today’s update allows them to simultaneously import content into the Flipboard magazines they curate and push it out through their social networks.

The iOS-first app also published an update to its Android app, but it does not include the new functionality described here.