Five Types Of Facebook Fans

By Julie D. Andrews 

It’s imperative to remember that each one of those numbers making up a brand’s fan base on Facebook is a pair of eyeballs watching over and reading what is being posted, including competitors, existing customers, and potential customers. Drawing on her experience as a community manager, Steph Parker put together a clever post for Social Media Today on the types of followers she sees on Facebook and ideas on how to win them over.

The five classifications she came up with were:

  • Potential clients
  • Friends/employees
  • Sweepstakers
  • Happy campers
  • Fair-weather friends

Among those types of fans, the most dangerous, writes Parker, are the friend/employee variety, as they are often there to show support, but they don’t fully engage with the Facebook page, seeing their obligatory duty as completed once they click the like button.

While these fans “raise the quantitative count of your audience, they qualitatively reduce the value of your audience,” writes Parker, who suggests increasing their activity with the page by shining the spotlight on the positive efforts of individual employees and tugging on the person-to-person connections that got them to the page in the first place.

Consider giving a few of these strategies a whirl, but recall: it’s impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time. If you can keep most people happy most of the time, the brand is doing all right.

Readers: Are there other types of fans you’ve encountered on your pages?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.